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Terms of service

Math Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) does not take responsibility for lost files or missed deadlines.

You are responsible for backing up your work and having a backup plan in case of service outages.

This server defaults to volatile storage! To ensure your hard work persists, use _NetHome (campus storage). The volatile storage is fast and practical for big data courses. Volatile files are placed in an AUTO_DELETE folder after a week. The AUTO_DELETE files are permanently deleted once they age a few months. Volatile files may also be deleted if storage becomes full or in case of disk failure.

Instructors are encouraged to keep course work computationally inexpensive and to remind students of the importance of keeping backups of their work and storing important files under _NetHome.

Users abusing the service will lose access. Please be ethical and pleasant to the others on the server. Policy and computer ethics.

Always keep a backup plan in case the service goes down. We are running this service without a failover. If the hardware has a critical failure, it might take a few days to restore.